DirectSource Training Videos

Access the SourceCast tutorial video library here to learn how to use your VETcentral and VOCcentral enhancements in the DirectSource platform. 

There is one full length training video and ten short length videos on specific topics.


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Watch the full-length Basic Training video or select a specific topic of your choice.

DirectSource Basic Training

Duration: 41m 49s

We’ll show you how to get the most out of your VETcentral and VOCcentral enhancement in the DirectSource platform. You’ll learn everything you need to know to take advantage of the full range of DirectSource features and how to develop meaningful relationships with the Talent Source Network to achieve superior diversity hiring performance.

Review specific topics

Introducing VETcentral Direct & VOCcentral Direct

Duration: 5m 13s

Learn about VETcentral and VOCcentral’s new DirectSource compliance hiring accelerator built to significantly increase your hiring performance. In this video, you’ll see how DirectSource works to enhance the recruiting efficiency of your current job listing service.

Superior Hiring Performance

Duration: 2m 40s

Achieving superior hiring performance provides your company with real results in the form of new hires. Discover how to achieve superior hiring performance using a five-step process with your new VETcentral and VOCcentral enhancements in the DirectSource platform.

Accessing the DirectSource Platform

Duration: 4m 49s

See how to access DirectSource through your VETcentral and VOCcentral QuickSource report and get a brief overview of how you can use the various sections of the DirectSource platform. 

Viewing VETcentral and VOCcentral Jobs

Duration: 5m 18s

Learn how to use the Jobs section of the DirectSource platform to view jobs, conduct job-specific outreach, and verify the job breakdown for Compliance Referrals.

Job-Specific Outreach with Talent Sources

Duration: 5m 52s

See how to view Talent Sources receiving your jobs and learn how to conduct job-specific outreach with VETcentral and VOCcentral Talent Sources under the Jobs section of the DirectSource platform.

Talent Source Profiles and Outreach

Duration: 6m 6s

Discover how to view Talent Source profiles and build a direct relationship with Talent Sources by conducting outreach under the Sources section of the DirectSource platform.

The Employer Profile

Duration: 4m 3s

See how to create your company’s Employer Profile to promote your employer brand and share your diversity hiring goals with the VETcentral and VOCcentral Talent Source Network.

Compliance Referrals

Duration: 7m 55s

Learn about DirectSource’s new diversity compliant pre-qualified job seeker referral system built to significantly increase employer productivity and provide pre-qualified Compliance Referrals, guaranteed to meet the basic requirements for your positions.

Activating Your Account

Duration: 2m 35s

In three easy steps, learn how to activate your DirectSource account to start using your VETcentral and VOCcentral enhancements in the DirectSource platform.

Getting Started

Duration: 3m 39s

Learn the best way to get started with using your VETcentral and VOCcentral enhancements in the DirectSource platform.