Transforming the Future of Veteran Hiring: VETcentral Direct


At the upcoming DEAM16 Conference, we're unveiling a solution to revolutionize the way you hire veterans by putting the most powerful veteran hiring platform in your hands. Introducing VETcentral Direct, a groundbreaking solution that incorporates advanced hiring features in an easy-to-use interface. VETcentral Direct will provide superior veteran hiring results through the power of referrals. According to ERE Media, as much as almost 40% of all hires are from referrals*. It turns out that referred candidates have a significantly better chance getting hired than any other type of candidate. With our new groundbreaking solution, we’re bringing you veteran candidate referrals through a hiring solution unlike anything we’ve done before.

VETcentral Direct’s powerful referral system offers you only the top, most qualified candidate referrals for you to consider hiring. Candidate referrals are delivered through the # 1 most comprehensive diversity talent source network consisting of experienced career counselors across the nation. Receiving only qualified referrals for hire can significantly lower administrative hiring costs, providing you the ability to spend less time searching, screening and recruiting, all the while, increasing your veteran hiring performance. 

VETcentral Direct doesn’t stop with referrals. Experience the ability to directly connect with the diversity talent source network through never before seen power outreach messaging tools; enhance your reporting capabilities with real-time job tracking and so much more. With a full scope of stunning features, VETcentral Direct provides the ultimate all-in-one hiring platform for hiring managers and recruiters who want to hire fast and effectively.  We have taken precise steps to provide you the utmost ease in hiring quality veterans. To further maximize your diversity hiring efforts, we also have solutions to bring you qualified IWD and EEO diversity and minority candidates. VETcentral Direct is doing what’s never been done before. This is a new product you need in your diversity hiring arsenal.

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*Source: Sullivan, John. "10 Compelling Numbers That Reveal The Power Of Employee Referrals." Web log     post. ERE Recruiting Intelligence. ERE Media, 7 May 2012. Web. 12 May 2016.