Facts about Presidents Day

Across the United States, the third Monday in February is set aside as #PresidentsDay. According to the #NationalArchives, our first president, George Washington was born in Colonial Beach, Va. on Feb. 11, 1731 according to the Julian calendar. When Britain and its colonies adopted the Gregorian calendar, Washington’s Birthday moved to Feb. 22, 1732. The day is meant to celebrate George Washington and all U.S. presidents. On Jan. 31, 1879, Washington’s Birthday became a federal holiday. Below are a few interesting facts about our presidents:

·         @GWtweets, @ulunews, @WUSTL, @UW and WUSUPullman are all named after George Washington.

·         President Ulysses S. Grant established #Yellowstone as the first #NationalParkService

·         John F. Kennedy was the first #BoyScout to become president.

·         William Henry Harrison was the 9th president. His grandson, Benjamin Harrison was the 23rd president.

·         Theodore Roosevelt was blind in his left eye due to an injury in a boxing match.

The Presidents Visual Encyclopedia, created by @smithsonian provides an in-depth report on the history of the U.S. and a look into the lives of America’s presidents and first ladies.

From all of us @SourceCast, commemorate #PresidentsDay by taking part in a community-related public ceremony.  

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