Hire Smarter Not Harder

Typically, HR is taught to throw a wide net to attract as many candidates as possible. When it comes to diversity hiring, sometimes that may not be the best strategy. As statistics show and hiring managers can attest to, “Over 50% of applicants who apply for the job are just not right for the job” (qtd. in Sullivan). When human resource professionals see that number, typically they think, okay, let’s ramp up our hiring efforts to engage more online sources to get more qualified applicants through the talent pipeline. Next, they start posting jobs on one job board after another. With each job posting on average costing $300, the bill starts racking up with often very little to show for it. It’s no surprise that the quality of applicants coming through the pipeline has been an issue for hiring managers and recruiters.

In order to start attracting diversity candidates, you need to start hiring smarter, not harder. That means, the more work and money you devote to multiple online sources doesn’t guarantee more or better candidates.  Sticking with one or two valuable sources is much more likely to lead to the successful hiring of qualified diversity candidates. Engage with sources that can provide quality candidates, while weeding out unqualified candidates for you. Let a good source play matchmaker for you.  A high-quality source will help develop, train, and hone in on the assets of a candidate and refer them to you for job openings that require that candidate’s specific skill sets. Why waste your time working harder to hire diversity candidates when you can simply work smarter?

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