3 Job Site Tips to Secure That New Hire

stressed hireYou know that feeling of frustration and rage you get when you click on a link and it either:

  • Takes you to a site requiring everything but your first born child
  • The site is so convoluted that you feel like a mouse in a cheese maze
  • Modal windows with impersonalized offers pops up every 3 seconds, on the dot
  • You have a question to ask, but only a computer to ask it to and a wait period after that

Well, unfortunately, that’s how recruitment is starting to feel like for those jobseekers out there. Nothing is personal anymore, websites are obliviously hiding their application links, and the recruitment process is absurdly long, especially to millennials. What if, when a jobseeker goes to your website, they:

  • Easily find an application link without having to sort through your content, and undoubtedly losing interesting in your company.
  • Receive a personalized email template thanking them for their interest in your position. All correspondences to any potential candidate should be personal.
  • Are quickly and efficiently taken through the interview, assessment, and typical hiring procedures instead of waiting through a delayed, drawn out process. Technology affords us less time needed for practically everything, so why would hiring be any different? The younger the applicant, the more they expect a speedy return when applying for jobs. In addition, why leave it to chance for your dream applicant to get away just because you weren't fast enough to secure the hire?

These 3 things, as potentially obvious or easy as they seem, can be the differentiators making sure you secure the hire, not your competitor. Don't miss out on your dream hire because of simple, common mistakes. Take an enthusiastic approach to your recruitment strategy, and secure your top talent, today.

Source: SmartRecruiters