Read This Before You Write Your Next Job Description

Oftentimes, we see job descriptions as one of the biggest barriers that employers face when hiring diversity candidates. When writing your job descriptions, hiring managers often write characteristics from A-Z that include essential and nice to have requirements. This is where the lines get blurry and potential discrimination cases are born. Not to mention, you’re missing out on candidates that view your novel-worthy list of requirements as a padlocked door to their qualifications. This means, you must understand your potential job seekers in terms of appropriate language, themes, essential job requirements, and possible accommodations. Here are some questions you should ask yourself and answer before writing your job descriptions:

·         Are these job functions absolutely essential?

·         Is the language I am using appropriate or inadvertently discriminatory?

·         Am I writing job descriptions that are currently inclusive to diversity and minority job seekers?

These are a few questions to get you started in writing effective and compelling job descriptions that are geared towards the individuals you’re seeking to hire. Oftentimes, job descriptions are describing Superman, not realistic candidates. When this happens, it leaves room for inadvertent discrimination, which can breed debilitating lawsuits. No to mention, think about all the candidates you could be missing out on when you padlock the hiring door with subjective job descriptions.

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