Transforming the Future of Veteran Hiring: VETcentral Direct

Transforming the Future of Veteran Hiring: VETcentral Direct

At the upcoming DEAM16 Conference, we're unveiling a solution to revolutionize the way you hire veterans by putting the most powerful veteran hiring platform in your hands. Introducing VETcentral Direct, a groundbreaking solution that incorporates advanced hiring features in an easy-to-use interface. VETcentral Direct will provide superior veteran hiring results through the power of referrals. According to ERE Media, as much as almost 40% of all hires are from referrals*. It turns out that referred candidates have a significantly better chance getting hired than any other type of candidate. With our new groundbreaking solution, we’re bringing you veteran candidate referrals through a hiring solution unlike anything we’ve done before.

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SourceCast Surprises a Local Veteran Hiring Event

SourceCast Surprises a Local Veteran Hiring Event

Sharing in the Support for our Veterans

SourceCast was fortunate enough to attend our local Alexandria Workforce Center's hiring event on Wednesday! With Veterans Day around the corner, we were reminded of the support and dedication we wish to share for all those who have so courageously served this country. These individuals have given so much to us, so what an honor it was to shake some of the hands of this country's true heroes. Not only did we meet some of our local heroes, but we were able to witness the wonderful work of our local veteran employment center representatives. These recruiters work so diligently and passionately to help our veterans find employment day in and day out. They are dedicated in giving back by feverishly aligning opportunities with pre-qualified candidates. The fact that our veterans are given such white-glove service, whether it's pre-qualifying, military skill translating, or interview training, is truly an inspiring process to witness. We were so lucky to visit with the center in order to really stay abreast to the needs of our local career centers and to our veteran job seekers. The best kind of knowledge is knowledge that comes from our experiences, and SourceCast truly gained some great knowledge through our hands-on experience. What a wonderful way to kick-start our Veterans Day commemorating and celebrations.

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Give Thanks; Give Back - 5 Veteran Hiring Companies

During the holidays, our emotional, appreciative side tends to make its grand entrance. We become nostalgic, say "thank you" like it's a seasonal fad, and we eat, boy do we eat. However, this season, a new tradition has started that isn't merely trending or posing to be seasonal. This holiday season, we've seen a huge investment in veteran hiring. Many companies are coming out of the woodwork with plans and programs designated to hire and thank our veterans. In honor of these companies giving back to our courageous veterans, SourceCast would like to give an honorable salute to these inspiring companies.

According to Fortune Magazine, here are the top 5 Fortune 500 companies making a difference with veteran hiring:

  1. JP Morgan Chase: Back in 2011, JP Morgan and a number of other companies initiated the 100,000 Jobs Mission. Already, 117,000 vets have been hired through the program. Now, JP Morgan is increasing the goal to 200,000 veterans. We salute you, JP Morgan!
  2. Disney: In March of 2012, Disney started their program, "Heroes Work Here." The goal was to hire 1,000 veterans by 2015. That goal was met in the program's first year. Now, their goal is 2,000 vets by 2015. We salute you, Disney!
  3. Starbucks: With a CEO dedicated to the veteran cause, Starbucks has made a commitment to hire at least 10,000 veterans and current military spouses by 2018. Talk about one hot cup of dedication. Starbucks, we salute you!
  4. Capital One Financial: Capital One launched its program “Hiring 500,000 Heroes” and donated $4.5 million to fund the initiative. The program is dedicated to matching qualified veterans and military spouses with local small business opportunities. We salute you, Capital One!
  5. Booz Allen Hamilton: Booz Allen has long celebrated veterans. Currently, an estimated 1/3 of the Booz Allen workforce consists of veterans. Booz Allen provides a multitude of veteran accommodations such as: the ability to work remotely, leave and return strategies for reserve soldiers, support groups for spouses, and disability accommodations. Booz Allen, we salute you!

Whether you're a large or small company, have billions in revenue or nothing at your disposal, let's all find our holiday spirit and help those who have unselfishly helped us in ways we cannot imagine. Veteran hiring is so crucial, and not because it's right or we have regulations to uphold, but this talent pool is more apt to the job than many even realize. This holiday season let's all give thanks; and give back.

Source: Fortune

Veterans Day: There's More Work to Be Done

We got a little excited when we learned, leading up to this past Veterans Day, the Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed that the past year had seen a decline in the unemployment rate of veterans from 7 to 6.5%. Unfortunately, this is still noticeably higher than the national unemployment rate of 5.8%. Therefore, as the holiday season is just on the horizon, sparking in us a generosity to towards humanity, may we not ignore a deep gratitude toward our veterans. What do we mean? Allow the meaning of this past Veterans Day to resonate with you as you're heavily focused on end of the year recruitment. Veterans are the perfect hires for so many more reasons than you may realize.

We've been in the business of distributing jobs for veterans for quite some time now. So, we tend to hear through the grapevine about the success our customers have had. Constantly, we hear how their new veteran recruits:

  • Take initiative: Under high pressure constantly, vets understand the need to start and complete tasks with the least amount of collateral interference.
  • Are excellent contributors: Vets are keenly aware of the concept of teamwork and how important that is to complete tasks at hand.
  • Maintain excellent attendance: Veterans are trained to perform in any condition and circumstance, and excuses for absence or poor performance are unusual for this group.
  • Are technologically savvy: Vets are trusted with some of the most cutting edge technology in the world, with many fields interrelated, training is easier with this group.
  • Learn and adapt quickly: In combat situations, there's no time to waste. Veterans are quick learners, light on their feet, and quite flexible to adjust to their environments.

This feedback provides a glimpse into workforces that hire veterans. Our veterans have been unwaveringly deployed into battle for us, so let’s have some faith and show our gratitude by continuing to lower the veteran unemployment rate, and allowing our vets to show us even more of what they're made of in our workplaces.

Source: TLNT

Labor Day and the Ability to Work

As we continue to fill our coworkers in on our recent Labor Day festivities, have we had a chance to really consider what Labor Day means? Sure, don't get us wrong, we love the retail sales, the BBQs, and the prospect of an extra day waking up without the dreaded alarm clock as much as anyone else. However, Labor Day has other conscious and subliminal meanings that are far more important.

The History of Labor Day

For you history buffs, the Department of Labor cites the beginning of Labor Day as September 5, 1882. The intent was and is to celebrate the labor movement and the achievements and efforts of American workers. So, for most of you reading this, please give yourselves a nice pat on the back for your contributions to the working progress of our country. But, Labor Day should also be a day to acknowledge those who are less fortunate than us. This day should beg us to acknowledge those who aren't lucky enough to have jobs to feed themselves or their families, or jobs to solidify his or her place in society, or for those unemployed who can't bear to face their landlord knowing their inability to provide payment means eviction and homelessness. You see, this is the part that gets lost in translation.

Labor Day's Grim Reality

It's with a heavy heart, we point you to an article on SHRM's WeKnowNext blog, which released data for the unemployed. According to the article, 10 million people are currently unemployed. Of those 10 million, 638,000 of those unemployed are veterans. And the list just goes on and on with daunting, heart-wrenching statistics. Reading these numbers, you cannot help but to take off your party hat and ponder the reality of today's workforce. While it's amazing the lengths we gone to and the hurdles we've overcome, there is still so much more to do. Recruitment may mean something more than ever now. Are you ready to create the change and opportunity that we all deserve?

As you continue enjoying the recent memories or food and friends, also ponder ways to employ some of these unemployed workers such as veterans. We'll give you a little tip, some of the best recruitment resources are niche sites and organizations. No, we're not just saying that because it's our business to say that, but over 10% and counting of employers are raving of the quality of applicants they receive through niche sites such as organizations with connections to veteran and disability applicants. However, if you're currently content with your workforce, keep in mind these job seekers during a time of festivities, and cheers to a shortened workweek!

Source: WeKnowNext Blog

5 Tips to Improving Diversity in the Workforce

Whether we want to believe it or not, we desire change in our workforce. We hire, fire, and strategize to change and shift our workforces into the ultimate dream teams. However, when we refer to the word "change," people seem to seize up or go wide-eyed, maybe a deep shiver runs the length of their spine. Most of us, some way or another, have learned the notion that change is bad and takes seemingly inconceivable measures to adapt to it. In HR, our job is to stir the pot, create change, but we do this in a positive way. Especially recently, OFCCP is asking us to bring diversity to our workforces, hire minorities, and seek out underutilized workforce professionals to recruit locally. Not only do we strive to keep OFCCP off our backs, but we have the responsibility to fluidly mesh the generationally different employees with one another. The list goes on and on but we're constantly striving to change and shift to improve our organization. However, that's more easily said than done, so what are some tips to improve these processes?

  • Be flexible. Especially when dealing with diversity (e.g., people with disabilities), advertising flexibility as a company is key. Whether flexibility means telecommuting or providing appropriate accommodations, this aspect can attract top talent and ensure you're meeting your hiring goals.
  • Find commonalities. Bridging the gap between generations is never easy. In every human conflict, the key to bridging the difference and mending the relationship is to focus on the similarities the individuals share. With commonalities, we find solutions catered to both parties.
  • Embrace technology. As technology is changing, you need employees that either know the trade or can quickly catch on. People like veterans will be your best friends. They have dealt with some of the most advanced technology available, so they are both pretty well equipped and quick learners.
  • Get social. If you're having trouble finding targeted candidates, maybe you need to reevaluate your tactics. Are you utilizing your social media to its potential?

The majority of candidates are job searching on devices such as their phones, so are your sites mobile-friendly? Also, what does your recruiting branding look like on social media? Are your application forms accessible by screen readers?

These are just a few tips to help bring about the change and diversity you're trying to implement into your organizations. With more and more regulations either springing up or tightening, recruitment will need to continue improving and evolving. Change is something we all need but ask yourself, are you causing the change in your organization that you want or need to see? If not, maybe your recruitment strategy can add these tips or they can help you jump-start your research into new, diverse recruitment tactics.

Veterans and the 7 Qualities You're Looking for In a New Hire

A couple days ago, The Muse came out with a list of 7 qualities that struck CEOs as distinguishing characteristics in top-performing employees. After looking at the list, we would have to agree. While being broad characteristics, they seem to hold high value in any corporate setting. However, as we studied the list more closely, we noticed this combination of characteristics immediately drew to mind one specific demographic that HR professionals love to hire: veterans. As we list the top 7 desired employee attributes, sit back and see if you don't agree with us.

  • Flexibility: As an employer, you need to know that if a deadline is approaching, your team has the determination and flexibility to meet the deadline and produce top-quality work. As you know if you’ve hired veterans, flexibility is programmed by nature. A fast-paced environment is what they live by, and transitioning smoothly and quickly is their strong suit. Armed forces training has prepared these employees for any project and to overcome the unexpected barriers that accompany everyday tasks.
  • Creativity: As technology continues to evolve at supersonic speeds, you need employees seeking knowledge to produce innovation and creativity to leave you ahead of the competition. While many people still hold the stereotypical notion that veterans, while amazingly focused, are too conventional and one-track-minded, this is simply not the case. Feeding off of their flexibility, veterans have been trained to incorporate creative solutions to combat barriers. While not only very shrewd, their backgrounds allow them to easily create innovative solutions at the drop of a hat.
  • Hustle: Let's be honest, when you want a project done, you wanted it done yesterday. But, you don't want to sacrifice quality for speed. With veterans, many of you have seen first-hand the precision and attention to detail they produce within tight deadlines.
  • Happiness: Nothing drags down productivity of an entire team more than even one, single negative attitude. Creativity, productivity, and quality stem from positive mindsets. Nothing can be tackled with pessimism, but we're not saying look for an employee who never feels stress or tension because we all know in our line of work, that simply does not exist. Simply, veterans are trained for high-stress situations and finding solace in these times. They are go-getters and problem-solvers, easily the desired candidate to balance high-stress teams and projects.
  • Passion: The kind of work that we generally take pride in is on the projects that we are passionate about. Generally speaking, our armed forces include the most patriotic men and women of America; the people to live and die for their passion. How much more passionate of a person could you find than your veteran employees?
  • Confidence: Speed bumps are par for any project or task in the office, and you employers need an employee who won't be deterred from success due to these challenges. In all branches of the military, our soldiers have no other option than to be confident in their line of work. Otherwise, no task or mission can be completed, jeopardizing themselves, their team, and the mission. Confidence is everything to a veteran.

While we are obviously not saying that only veterans possess these highly desired characteristics, but they are a relatively untapped resource that generally possess key features desired in any corporate setting. Not only do the new VEVRAA regulations require federal contractors to strive towards a 7.2% veteran hiring benchmark, but in support of all our veterans have done for us and their unparalleled work experiences should thrust their resumes into the top of your priority hires.

Millennials, the Military, and Denials

millennials turned down by militaryWhat do millennials, the military, and denials all have to do with one another? Well, according to reports from the Pentagon, 71% of military applicants are denied entry into all U.S. branches of the military. Typically, simultaneous military branch cutbacks result in 70% of applicants being weeded out as each branch is allowed to be increasingly more selective. In and of itself, this 1% is not news, however, coupled with the fact that 21% of all military applicants are high school dropouts, contributing to the increased turn away rate, this is indicative of a real problem.

Uneducated Millennials?

However, education isn't the only culprit in the military's selectivity. Things like weight, drug use, psychological abnormalities, and even new tattoo and piercing regulations play a hand in denying young applicants. Gone are the days where the military caught your career fall. Joining the military is as hard as obtaining any job in today's job market. Speaking of job market, along with the difficulties that millennials are finding in joining our military, the job market has also plagued this generation as the hardest hit in noncombatant unemployment. So, what do our youth do in these times of employment crisis?

Advice Regarding Millennials

Undeniably, the first words of wisdom would be to complete the highest education curriculum, abstain from the potentially harmful party scene, and be mindful of career-hindering body art. Also, recognize the untapped resource of our national workforce professionals. These professionals' jobs revolve around finding jobs for others! Hence, employers, reach out to your local employment centers to locate all the top talent that is irrefutably out there, especially our veterans and military applicants. These nationwide employment centers are an answer to increased unemployment rates as well as enable employers to find the most well-equipped talent, locally.