The Secret Ingredient to Diversity Hiring

Have you ever considered that your success with diversity hiring can be mostly dependent on the hiring source that you choose? It is often overlooked in the grand scheme of diversity hiring, but the secret to effective diversity hiring is in your sourcing strategy. Just like how your favorite Italian restaurant has their secret sauce ingredient, your diversity hiring initiative should be no different. One of the key ingredients to sourcing for diversity candidates is: performance. It cannot be stressed enough the importance of choosing a source that provides you real hiring results in the form of qualified candidates for hire. One of the biggest difficulties facing many organizations is the inability to find a broad range of qualified applicants for their open positions, which leads to a lack of diversity hires for your organization. We know there isn’t a deficit of job seekers, so what’s leading to this hiring difficulty? It boils down to the sources that you’re using to find quality applicants. While many sources promise a vast applicant pool, oftentimes the candidates that are received from these sources are either overqualified or underqualified. The secret behind a good source is the source’s ability to provide you with pre-qualified candidates sent straight to your applicant pipeline. When sourcing for diversity, make sure your source provides you candidates that you can actually hire in order to ultimately help increase your diversity hiring performance.

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