The perfect team

Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Ali, Chief Executive Officer

Our entrepreneurial desire to "do it better" is what drives us to innovate and create. This drive spans multiple industries and leads us to enter a new market when we see a need and an opportunity for a creative and aggressive solution. I am often asked, “What does building supply have in common with custom software development?” At first glance, the lack of clarity is justified. However, to understand the connection between various companies, one must look deeper into each company, beyond its product/service line. In all, we are the same across disciplines and products.

Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

Benny, Web Design Manager

Originally From: The Nordics
Studied: Film/Journalism
Fun fact: Likes any dish with coconut in it.



Estelle, Communications Specialist
U.S. Coast Guard Veteran

Originally From: : Richmond, Va.
Studied:  Communications/Journalism
Fun fact: I enjoy visiting national parks and lighthouses.


Faheemah, Market Development Manager, Customer Liaison

Originally From: St. Louis, Mo.
Studied:  Business Administration
Fun fact: A contradiction to her social nature, Faheemah is an avid TV watcher, especially investigative, romantic, or business-related shows.


Giri, Systems/Network Administrator

Originally From: India
Studied: Computer Science
Fun fact: Giri loves to travel around the world.


Isaac, Software Engineer II

Originally From: India
Studied: Masters in Electrical Engineering, Florida
Fun fact: Like to spend time with family, friends and enjoys Christian music.


Jorge, Network Manager

Originally From: Cuba
Fun fact: I love reading and researching difficult issues.


Keisha, Customer Engagement Specialist

Originally From: New York, N.Y.
Studied: Computer Graphics and Desktop Publishing
Fun fact: Keisha grew up in Liberia, West Africa and has traveled all over the African continent.


Lilly, Vice President, Business Development

Originally From:  San Diego, Calif.
Studied: Business Management/Marketing, MBA
Fun fact: Lilly enjoys baking and cooking dishes from all around the world.


Neeraja, Quality Assurance Engineer

Originally From: India
Studied: MBA
Fun fact: Neeraja enjoys traveling to different places.


Niraj, Product Manager

Originally From: India
Studied:  Computer Science
Fun fact: I enjoy traveling, hiking and love being a father.


Nireesha, Quality Assurance Manager

Originally From: India
Studied: Computer Science, MBA
Fun fact: Nireesha enjoys hiking and trekking while off traveling the globe.


Zola, Program Outreach Specialist

Originally From: Algeria
Studied: English
Fun fact:  I am crazy about my daughter Badia.