Diversity Hiring: Your Ultimate All-in-One Compliance and Hiring Checklist


Oftentimes, diversity hiring can seem very challenging. The kind of challenging that makes you want to sling that keyboard right out the window. “Where do I source for diversity talent, and how do I ensure my jobs are inclusive to minority and diversity job seekers?” are all questions that our customers have constantly asked us. With updated veteran hiring benchmarks, disability utilization goals, and EEO hiring requirements, HR is performing a juggling act of hiring and compliance. Often times, we see compliance and diversity hiring addressed separately, which creates even more work and overlapping confusion as to how to achieve the desired results. Thankfully, we have combined OFCCP and EEO regulations along with our expert hiring tips into one, complete checklist to help you hire effectively and maintain your compliance obligations.  

A diversity hiring checklist should include all your must-haves from creating your diversity hiring strategy down to the format of records being kept. In addition, with OFCCP and EEO regulations, having all of your hiring initiatives in a single place can help ensure you don’t forget anything.

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