It's Almost Time for the AAAED National Conference

AAAED National Conference

What's in Store at the 41st AAAED National Conference?

Aside from being in beautiful New Orleans, Louisiana, AAAED will provide in-depth opportunities for HR professionals to provide equal opportunities for all employees. Topics such as OFCCP compliance, diversity hiring, and employee inclusion are just a few items on the conference agenda. More specifically, AAAED plans to credit and appreciate Executive Order 11246, the 50th anniversary of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), and how these landmarks affect us today. This is surely a conference you won't want to miss.

Come See SourceCast in New Orleans

SourceCast is excited to be exhibiting at the 41st AAAED conference! If you're coming to the conference, stop by booth #8.At the booth, SourceCast will have a number of giveaways going on with chances to win the grand prize on Thursday, June 4. A member of the SourceCast team would love to meet you and fill you in on exciting SourceCast news, enter you to win in our giveaway drawing, or to just say hi and meet you. We look forward to another great turnout at AAAED, and we can't wait to see everyone there!

Bullying in the Workplace: Common Problem?

As we continue to see equal opportunity, especially for applicants, plastered all over our news feeds, we are still reminded to treat our employees with the same non-discrimination after they've joined our teams. Lately, here at SourceCast, we've noticed a trend in reports and news feeds surrounding the topic of bullying. While it is talked about, we notice that it isn't gaining as much steam as we thought. Then we thought, maybe it's because the definition of bullying is so loosely defined or maybe it's because there hasn't been as much momentum surrounding the topic, therefore those affected may feel judged or shy? Whatever the case may be, bullying is trending, and that needs to stop. Now.

Bullying in Real Life

We recently read a story on another blog, detailing an account of an employee who ended up leaving his job due to a female bully. The more we swished the story around our palates, the more we saw the disconnect between such regulations as VEVRAA and how they're implemented in the workplace once the applicant is hired. It's not enough to claim equal opportunity and treatment at your organization if those hired are bullied once on the job! Equality must stem from the recruitment process and cultivate through healthy workplace relationships. Bullying and discrimination both focus on perceived notions, prejudices, and unfair treatment, but let's make it clear, bullies are equal opportunity in who they discriminate against. Isn't that interesting? Discrimination and bullying comes in all shapes and sizes and can happen to anyone.

Preventing Workplace Bullying

To prevent bullying, provide a safe workplace. While we know that's often said, but implementing that is a lot more tactical. This is where HR needs to step up and be the superheroes that we are. Providing team building opportunities, safe channels for discussion, seminars and workshops to explain bullying and prevent against it can ensure your employees feel secure and comfortable reporting something if encountered. There's no way to ensure an applicant won't be a bully, but there are ways to firmly enforce a no-bullying workplace and increase productivity and improve culture along the way.