SourceCast Surprises a Local Veteran Hiring Event

SC at local hiring event

SC at local hiring event

Sharing in the Support for our Veterans

SourceCast was fortunate enough to attend our local Alexandria Workforce Center's hiring event on Wednesday! With Veterans Day around the corner, we were reminded of the support and dedication we wish to share for all those who have so courageously served this country. These individuals have given so much to us, so what an honor it was to shake some of the hands of this country's true heroes. Not only did we meet some of our local heroes, but we were able to witness the wonderful work of our local veteran employment center representatives. These recruiters work so diligently and passionately to help our veterans find employment day in and day out. They are dedicated in giving back by feverishly aligning opportunities with pre-qualified candidates. The fact that our veterans are given such white-glove service, whether it's pre-qualifying, military skill translating, or interview training, is truly an inspiring process to witness. We were so lucky to visit with the center in order to really stay abreast to the needs of our local career centers and to our veteran job seekers. The best kind of knowledge is knowledge that comes from our experiences, and SourceCast truly gained some great knowledge through our hands-on experience. What a wonderful way to kick-start our Veterans Day commemorating and celebrations.

How to Give Back

While celebrating Veterans Day is a great way to honor our troops and veterans, there is another way to continuously show support to these individuals throughout the year. Once our troops return home, many need to return to the civilian workforce. One of the greatest gifts our country can give to our veterans is the opportunity to appreciate the American dream they have fought so valiantly to protect. Our veterans have immense training and skills that can translate into dynamic, productive employees once given the chance. As we saw at the veteran employment center, the veterans that walk through the door are qualified and eager assets to any team. Not to mention, when they walk in these local veteran employment centers half the work is done for the employers as the recruiter pre-qualifies applicants for open positions, which improves the quality of your applicants. This year, don't just take one day to celebrate our heroes, let's make a plan to proactively hire our veterans and give back to those who have given so much.

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